Impact Angel Fund is a venture capital fund with over 30 private investors from eight counties and matching funds from the Ohio Third Frontier Program. We will invest in early-stage technology companies in our region and throughout Ohio.

Selection Criteria


Ohio-based companies.

Early-stage technology-based opportunities which include bioscience/medical, advanced materials, automation, energy and power management, surveillance, and information technology.

Investment Strategy


Invest in five to six companies.

Negotiate sidecar investment option for members and others.

Focus on long term capital gains.

Fund milestones leading to:
- Follow-on venture investment
- Exit


What We're Looking For


Unique or breakthrough idea with barriers to entry.

Large potential market.

Entrepreneurs who are flexible, have proven capabilities, have skin in the game, and have high ambitions. Marketing and sales skills in taking new technologies into new markets are particularly valued.

Exit potential. Entrepreneurs must demonstrate how they plan to position the company to be acquired or achieve an initial public offering.